About Nankai kinzoku

In this world of globalization, we make sheet-metal parts for agricultrural machinery that are inevitable for producing food for our living.

The parts we have been manufacturing for agricultural machines since the beginning of this company’s establishment, has been taken into construction machinery and other major industry machinery, which has helped the development of society.

Craftsmanship has come a long way… the network for supply chains are connected all around the world, where you can get assured quality, wherever, and whenever you desire.

To meet the requirements and needs for the upcomming world of globalization and ubiquitous society, we’ve set our goals to be the number one in craftsmanship, raising the quality to challenge the world as we go.

Nankai Kinzoku challenging the world


Quality Evolution

We are always absorbing new technology, to meet the needs and demands of ou customers, who are also looking for ways to create better environment to produce quality products.


IT unfolded

Nankai Kinzoku push forward the Information Technology. We will convert data to 3D-CAD, and take full advantage of the internet to send information worldwide.